Seafood Sales & Service

Committed to Quality

Our Commitment

Seafood Sales & Services is committed to the quality, safety and environmental legitimacy of every product we distribute. We endeavor to purchase our seafood from sources who share this commitment with us, and are involved members of organizations whose purpose is to protect the integrity and sustainability of the world’s rich aqua culture.

Through our active membership in the Global Aquaculture Alliance, whose mission is to promote the aquaculture industry and to advance environmental and social responsibility throughout the process of raising, processing and distributing aquaculture products, Seafood Sales & Service participates in the ongoing efforts to preserve the world’s seafood reputation and quality.

Through the GAA, we also support Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), which sets standards for the safe processing of farmed seafood. We are also certified by the Marine Stewardship Council that sets standards for the sustainability of Ocean Caught Wild Seafood. Seafood Sales & Service is the first seafood distributor in North Florida to receive this certification. We aim to adhere to the goals and ambitions of GREENPEACE International to preserve and promote the welfare of our Oceans.

We work with our suppliers to assure the quality, integrity and identification of every product we sell, so that you, our customers, are confident those products are the safe, wholesome foods your customers are ordering and enjoying. The ownership and staff of Seafood Sales & Service is dedicated to offering only the highest quality, environmentally safest, and best tasting frozen seafood products.